Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 Weeks Old Today

I have to work tonight so I need to take a nap and have no time to post really but in honor of Terry I'll at least post their weights and give a little tease about their newest adventure.

Weights (birth -- --> 5weeks --> 6 weeks)
Nimble (green)  10.6oz -->  6lb 1.9 oz --> 7.5 lbs
Quick (blue)  7.9 oz  --> --> 5lb 5.8 oz --> 6lbs 12.6oz
Jack (orange) 9 oz  --> 5lb 13.4 oz --> 7.25lb
(Nimble and Jack went to the big scale since the small one only goes to 7 lbs)

Can you guess what happened here?  Becky and Al, you must be really jealous :-)
 Check back tomorrow for the fun that was had!


New toy yesterday was the tippy board which according to the pups is just another chew toy.  So much for exposing to moving surfaces!  They had their typical fun day with playing, sleeping, and more playing being on the agenda. 
Meet the McBeavers Jack(orange) and Nimble (green)
Quick (blue) likes his new teething toy
They did attempt carpeted stairs which Jack (orange) and Quick (blue) figured out pretty quickly.  Nimble (green) on the other hand preferred playing with the rolled up rug.  Eventually, he tunneled through and fell asleep at the end.  I had to log roll him out of it.

Quick (blue) trying to see what Nimble (green) finds so fascinating.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Pixie play

While I had kind of a busy Sunday the pups kind of lazed around.  Well not really because what self-respecting vizsla pup actually has a lazy day?  Their day contained a mini field trip to the upstairs complete with rug tunneling, couch cover tugging, food bin discovery; newspaper shredding, outside play, cuddling, chasing, nail trimming, almost meeting neighbor dogs ('til Sandy and Dino barked very scarily at them through the fence), shoe dragging (too big to actually carry), sloshing the large water crock, ice cube discovery, napping and the regular rough housing. Tomorrow we'll add climbing regular carpeted stairs.  They have gotten particularly good about the ones outside.

Nimble (green) protesting morning confinement

Nimble (green) says "Feed me please!"

Quick (blue) is giving credence to the excuse "The dog ate my homework"         

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Go Bucks!

The pups had a nice busy morning.  Of course it started at 5 with pooping outside (Yes, I can learn), a handful of kibble and me going back to bed for a couple of hours.  The boys have new digs for hanging out at night and when we're not home.  Can't say that they like it anymore than before but they have more room and can make more choices.  Overnight everyone pottied on the paper instead of the tile.

First set of visitors today were Kelsey and Patrick.  Patrick hasn't seen them in a few weeks so they looked huge to him compared to before.

Our next set of visitors were very special (not that everyone isn't to us) but Loralynn and her adorable daughter will always have a special place with us since their family helped raise Pixie when she was a pup and I was in school.  It has been almost 4 years since they had a v baby around - they are a border collie family.  The pups loved the new toys they were given and played with them this afternoon and evening.

Jack (orange) loves his cuddle time!

Double the sweetness - Nimble (green) and Quick (blue)
Enjoying a little sunshine - Jack (orange) and Quick (blue)
We topped off the night with another trip to Mom's house.  After dinner they all pretty much have sacked out and have not moved a muscle.

Michigan 7, Ohio St. 37  O-H-I-O!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Here's how the morning has been starting lately.  Please take note that the time is 4:20.  Yes that is AM.  Let me just say that they aren't that cute that early in the morning.  They got tossed some dry kibble and made sure their water was full and I went back to bed for the 15 minutes I had left.  The crying by Nimble and Jack continued so back to the puppies I went.  Turns out that they actually needed to poop!  Good boys.  All three outside.  They did get started on their zen program today.  No one got taken out until they were quiet.  Quick had fallen back to sleep so he was first (not much learned there) followed by Nimble and then finally Jack (he is his mother's child).

Newly-returned-to-OH Lisa and her friend Stephanie came by and visited with the boys who were sort of on their best behavior.  There was some inappropriate chewing but what else can you expect from 5 week old pups?  They also were visited by Wendy and Susie's mom Jan and the girls.
Lisa and Stephanie

Wendy get chin nibbles from Jack

Play ball!

Jan gets a little lap time.

I've also added some pics from their Thanksgiving field trip.

A new bed to play with

Quick meets Wally

I'll protect you from the big bad wally!

Time for clean up!  I'll help!

Heading Home

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.
Well, no river and no woods but today the boys had a day of adventure and were thankful for the experience :-)  They had their first field trip to Mom's house.  They were absolutely wonderful!  There was not a moments hesitation by any of them going into a new situation.  They weren't quite so sure of the car ride but settled in very quickly.  There wasn't exactly play but certainly lots of interaction with Uncle Rocket who likes them but doesn't seem exactly sure how to play with them.  Great Grandma Sunny seems to think puppies are very overrated. Been there...Done that!  The McGiblets romped, investigated and in general had a great time on their outing.  They are definitely a ready for the world bunch today!

Indoor Play 11/24/10

The weather did not cooperate for much outdoors time at all.  Maybe a total of 5 minutes.  The boys didn't really care though b/c while I was sleeping from the night before they had Drew and Henry home which means all day ouside of the box causing chaos. The pics and video are from yesterday but today was much the same though with a little more outside time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Once Again

Terry has had to remind me to post the weights!  Thank goodness she is diligent.
Weights (birth -- -->4 weeks --> 5 weeks)
Nimble (green)  10.6oz --> 5lb 3.4oz --> 6lb 1.9 oz
Quick (blue)  7.9 oz  --> 4lb 5.4oz --> 5lb 5.8 oz
Jack (orange) 9 oz  --> 4lb 13.4oz --> 5lb 13.4 oz

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Weeks Old Today

Surprise! Surprise!  The weather forecast was wrong!  So we had lots of outside time again today.  It was colder but the pups still had a good time out there.  Henry and I started out the day picking up the rest of the leaf piles.  Jack thought he would help a little bit.  He's hard to see but he is in there.

Apparently they psyched me out yesterday with the good eating.  Today was just so so.   On the other hand, they have all decided the stairs are not an obstacle to worry about and neither is the door to the whelping box :-P
Jack (orange) helping pick up the leaves.

Jack (Orange)

Why can't I just potty in peace?  Jack(orange) wont leave Quick (blue) alone.

Nimble (orange)

Not sure who this is.  Maybe Quick (blue)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Updates For the Last Few Days

Between 4 days of dogs shows and working the weekend there wasn't much time for anything so no posts.  Thank goodness it was a very local set of shows.  I am showing a bitch I co-own, Kai, who won her first major and a single point.  She's half way to her championship. 

So what have the boys been up to?  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL so lots of outside time and working on coming down the stairs.  Quick has nailed coming down the stairs followed closely by Nimble.  Jack on the other hand has going up the stairs better then the other two but still screams bloody murder over going down them.  He does respond well to the showers of praise he gets for coming down so he is getting better about it.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so our time on big stairs and outside is going to be limited.  Looks like we may just go for different parts of the house and carpeted regular stairs for the next few days.


Future buds?

Susie has a new favorite.

There's that smile!  Love it!

Is that my nephew?  Wendy and Aerial
Nimble napping
Kelsey and her mom visit

Today, FINALLY!, they ate with gusto.  The addition: baby food veggies - green beans, peas, carrots, squash and a small amount of chicken.  Next week I'll grind my own veggies for them but this seemed like an easy transition to the real thing.  Pixie still nurses but maybe only 2 or 3 times a day/night.
Nimble (green) and Jack (orange)

Nimble (green) and Jack (orange) contemplate the stairs

Such a patient mommy!

I've got my eye on you! (Quick - blue)

Future job?  Lion Tamer!  Nimble (green)
 Tomorrow they are halfway through their journey with me.  5 weeks.  It is kind of sad now to think that after all of this anticipation, planning and waiting that they will be leaving.  I know though that in 5 more weeks time it will be Adios McAmigos and perhaps I wont be so sad.  The chaos that one 10 week old vizsla puppy can cause is enough.  What three can do is going to keep me hopping!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Most Elusive Smile

Visitors today were Susie and her girls.  One of them, though she smiles a lot, always hides her smile when my camera comes out!  I managed to capture that smile once today!  But my storage with Picasa seems to be an issue so I will have to post it once it gets worked out.  Apparently I can post video so here are a couple from today.  I need to bottle the girls so that I can have them for every litter.  Young children are worth their weight in gold for socializing puppies.  I've never heard a grown up squeal like this!  Too cute!

In addition to Susie and the girls, Wendy and her girls came by.  Her girls are the 4 legged variety - Grandma Lannie and Auntie Aerial.  Lannie has decided that Pixie has joined the Momma Club and no longer feels the need to show who is the boss.  Aerial was particularly sweet and gentle with the boys.

BTW, Nimble hopped up and went on his merry way after flipping over on his back.  They have had lots of experience with being pushed here there and everywhere from their mother Pixie.

Ohhhh!  How could I forget?!?  Jack-In-The-Box was Jack-Out-Of-The-Box this morning.  He didn't repeat it all day so maybe it was an accident so we'll wait to say he has the skill mastered.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Testosterone Poisoning

Usually around 4 or 5 weeks I notice some increased tough guy activity in the boys.  It doesn't last but the first time I saw a  4 week old puppy hump one of his litter mates I was a little concerned to say the least.  Today was that day for the McWanna-Be-Stud-Muffins.  All three of them have been playing Who's the Baddest in the Box.  Pushing shoulders, scrapping, mounting, and to top it off my favorite thing (really it is) -  Nimble kicked his little back feet after he pottied.  I know it is a goofy thing to like but today he is my favorite!  It only happened once but it was very cute!

Too cold and wet outside today.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meeting Uncle Rocket

Since Great Uncle Roady is not going to be a playmate to the pups, Uncle Rocket came in to meet his nephews.  Despite being particularly attracted to other dogs he thought these guys were only slightly interesting.  I say give it a few weeks when they get to the real play stages and they might actually be dogs to him.

We had a photo session this am with mom.  I'll probably be able to post some of those in the next couple of days.  A few of them are posted at http://picasaweb.google.com/cherryraern.  She also has some from last week there.  They are soooooo cute!

On their second time out today they actually all pottied and started doing some playing.  Imagine how much fun they would have if it was actually pleasant out there!   I do wish it was warm out. 

It looks like Jack might be the first out of the box.  If he would ever shut up long enough to really figure it out!