Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Most Elusive Smile

Visitors today were Susie and her girls.  One of them, though she smiles a lot, always hides her smile when my camera comes out!  I managed to capture that smile once today!  But my storage with Picasa seems to be an issue so I will have to post it once it gets worked out.  Apparently I can post video so here are a couple from today.  I need to bottle the girls so that I can have them for every litter.  Young children are worth their weight in gold for socializing puppies.  I've never heard a grown up squeal like this!  Too cute!

In addition to Susie and the girls, Wendy and her girls came by.  Her girls are the 4 legged variety - Grandma Lannie and Auntie Aerial.  Lannie has decided that Pixie has joined the Momma Club and no longer feels the need to show who is the boss.  Aerial was particularly sweet and gentle with the boys.

BTW, Nimble hopped up and went on his merry way after flipping over on his back.  They have had lots of experience with being pushed here there and everywhere from their mother Pixie.

Ohhhh!  How could I forget?!?  Jack-In-The-Box was Jack-Out-Of-The-Box this morning.  He didn't repeat it all day so maybe it was an accident so we'll wait to say he has the skill mastered.