Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

They are walking a little better - well, Jack and Quick are.  Nimble actually is better he's just such a walrus it's hard to hoist all of it up for walking.  Eyes and ears are the same.  They seem to be dreaming a little more.  Who knows about what.  I'm trying to figure out what they could possibly be chasing.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jeepers Creepers...Where'd You Get Those Peepers?

How did it happen so quickly?  I left the house for about 2 hours.  I had been playing with puppies and Pix before I left.  Came back home and BAM! Jack has both eyes almost completely open!  Amazing since usually they open a little peek at the inside corners.  Not this one!  FYI, I'm probably not going to get too many pictures for the next couple of days so they don't have the flash going off on their newly opened eyes.  Jack and Quick are walking better.  Nimble is about the same but I haven't seen too many walrus move well on land.

Had trouble loading video.  Maybe because it was too long.  Go to the Youtube Additional Videos link in the right hand column.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Just Some Cute Videos

Would you believe I only took one picture today?  We got nails done and lots of snuggling but that is about it.
Conga Line

Not Much New

Jack (orange), Nimble (green), Quick (blue)

I'm sure there is something different today but its not glaring.  Eyes seems little looser.  Ears not *quite* so closed.  They're still creep walking.
Wait!!!!  Forget that!  There was a big development today.  For those of you that are sensitive just skip  the first picture   
Quick (blue) starting pooping on his own today!  Woo Hoo!  I suppose I shouldn't be so excited about this because its the beginning of the end of Pixie doing the clean up and the beginning of me doing the clean up!  Fortunately, that is still off for a little bit and Pixie cleaned up promptly this time ;-P

Mom and Nimble (green)

Mommy Love

Dude!  You're crowding me!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funny Observation

I had to work last night so Henry took my place at the puppy box through the night.  In the past he has never had to do this.  Other than me sleeping by the puppies for 3 - 4 weeks he hasn't had to worry about what I'm doing there.  So last night he graciously agreed to take my place.  I didn't get a break early last night to call and see how things were going and there were no frantic calls to me.  I figured everything would be ok b/c I'd actually gotten some decent sleep for the previous two nights. 

This was not so for Henry. Apparently he hasn't listened to the differences in their squealing and squeaking. And it kept him up until about 3.  Someone would squeal, he would check.  Someone would squeak, he would check.Finally there was silence from about 3 to 5 when he had to get up for work.  When I talked to him this morning his comment was that caring for the puppies through the night was more stressful than caring for Drew when he was a baby.  I suppose there wasn't the possibility that someone was going to step on or roll on Drew :-)

Quick lowdown on what has happened today:
Everyone got a bath this am when I got home.  One teeny tiny flea on Quick :-(
Bedding changed out completely
The boys are "walking".  There is daylight under their bellies today.  I tried to not so successfully get it on video. The daylight is fleeting.
Pixie went for a run this afternoon.  She was much more settled afterward.  She seems to think there should be something to compensate for me being gone all night.
Comfy Nimble?

This pillow was just right!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Week Old Today!

Happy One Week Birthday!
Pixie:  Has it only been a week?  Are you sure?

Have tornado, will travel.  Off to the basement we went this afternoon.  Tornado sirens were going off and a nasty line of storms blew through our area.  Once again the pups were no worse for wear.  They tried out a new bed, had a snack and a little nap before we went back upstairs to Home Sweet Home.  Thank goodness there are only 3.  Roady might have had to share his bed too and I don't think he would have liked that.  This was probably as close as he wants to get.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The End of Week One

Here's how Pixie likes to start the day - Chasing squirrels!  Too bad I missed catching most of her fun.  She seemed a little shocked when the tree rat started to come down the tree closer to her.

Oh!  These crying kids!  What's a momma to do?
Me (Quick) and my shadow

Nimble (green) 10.6 (birth wt) --> 1lb 8.7oz
Quick (blue) 7.9 --> 1lb 1.8oz
Jack (orange) 9.0 --> 1lb 3.9oz
Quick's rate of gain is increasing (2.4 oz yesterday) but it doesn't look like it can even begin to catch Nimble's (2.9 yesterday).  He's trying though.  Jack was a little slower yesterday at slightly less than a 2 oz gain.
Eyes and ears are starting to loosen up a little.  Now instead of looking like their eyes are tightly shut they look like they are just sleeping.
Smilin' Jack

Sleeping Nimble

Content Quick

Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of my favorite puppy noises is when the group eats together and gets major letdown of milk causing group oinking.  Very cute!
Kelsey and Patric visited this afternoon.  I managed to not get pictures but they'll be back.

New weights today are:
Nimble (green) 1lb 5.8oz
Quick (blue) 15.4oz (He gained 2.2 ounces from yesterday)
Jack (orange) 1lb 2.3oz

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roady Had a Happy Moment

Still obsessed with the flea issue I bought a flea comb last night and gave everyone a once over.  Roady was convinced it was some horrible torture.  He prefers his groom zoom.  Pixie liked it and the pups just wiggled around like usual.  No fleas with the comb but I got one this am and picked up some diatomacious earth today to treat Roady, the house and yard.  SIGH  Why now?
 Roady's buddy Ed came by today under the pretense of seeing Lannie's grandpups but really it was to visit Roady. 
There was a little puppy action going on.
 On the other hand, Wendy was pretty much here just to see the puppies.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Visitors Bearing Gifts

The babies got some cute squeaky toys today from Vikki who came for a meet and greet.  They also got to visit with Terri, Drew's friend and Mom.  And so much for them not gaining much today.
Weights today are:
Nimble (green) 10.6 --> 11.8 --> 13.9 --> 16.3
Quick (blue) 7.9 --> 9.0 --> 10.3 -->11.7
Jack (orange) 9.0 --> 10.2 --> 12.0 --> 13.9

Of course everyone wants to see my McPixies!

Even Roady gets some love.

Trying a little yogurt
Their ears are getting a little longer and floppier today.

The Cutest Visit Ever and a Trip, Snip and Clip!

Yesterday afternoon
Don't they look HUGE here!?!?

Nimble (green) and Quick (blue)

The McBoys met the girls today!  One of the boys has a home with an adorable set of twins who came to visit today with their Mom and cousin.  They just happen to be the nieces of Wendy who owns Pixie's dam, Lannie and sister Aerial.  The girls were so good with the puppies that Pixie, who has determined that she is actually a mother lion, fell asleep while they each had one of her McCubs.

Taking turns

Did I mention that they each want their own puppy?
Weights today are:
Nimble (green) 10.6 --> 11.8 --> 13.9
Quick (blue) 7.9 --> 9.0 --> 10.3
Jack (orange) 9.0 --> 10.2 --> 12.0
I don't expect them to gain as much tomorrow.  They seem to have managed to fit more sleeping in between the feedings.  Pixie and I are still feeling pretty sleepy by the time evening rolls around from all of the night time squeaking.

Last night I found them stacked.  Very cute.

After a lovely visit the pups got a little rest and then off to have tails and dewclaws done.  Pixie was not happy that the boys were taken away from her but she survived and so did they with no ill effects at all.  Henry has had a lot of firsts with this litter.  He came along for his first tails and dewclaws.  Each pup fell asleep instantly with him afterward. When all was done they went back to Pixie who waited in the car. Not that they were aware of it at all but the car ride was fine.  They got checked out thoroughly, ate a little and went right to sleep.

More visitors:  Drew and one of his friends sat in the box again after school and Wendy came by later this afternoon to watch the McSquirmers so I could go grocery shopping and Henry and Drew could go work out.  Pixie is pretty careful about laying down around the pups but it can be a little difficult with they get spread out.

Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Next Day

Today has not been what I envisioned.  First of all, I thought we'd be whelping today.  Not!  But that's ok.  I'm glad the night went great and I don't even have a crick in my neck.  Pixie has figured out how to lay down carefully for the most part.  Her protective instincts have kicked in.  She is having none of Roady coming anywhere near the box.  She is such a sweet dog who rarely has taken offense to much.  However, her Snake Face came out with a vengeance when Roady got about 3 feet from her box.  Second, I thought I'd be able to sit in the box all morning watching puppies.  Not!  This morning I found a FLEA on Nimble (green) and then one on Pixie!  YUK!  I hate fleas!  Give me a tick any day over a flea.  So almost all of the cleaning and preparing I did had to be redone! And so much for Pixie being the perfect little mother!  What good mother would give her beloved pups fleas?  LOL  All of the bedding is being washed including couch covers, linens, anything that could harbor a flea.  Dogs including puppies have been washed - Thanks Mom!

Poor Pixie-rat was not pleased with all of this washing and fussing over her babies!  She quickly settled into her Happy Place once everyone was dried and put back in the box.  No pictures of the washing bc it went too fast in our efforts to cause as little chilling as possible - heater in the bathroom, rubbed dry and finished in a small box w heating pad.  Were they hungry afterward!  But then I'm discovering that they are always hungry!

Neighbor Terri came by for about 30 minutes this am and they ate about 4 times while she was here!  McPiglets!  They also got weighed this am less than 24 hours after birth.  It would be normal for them to have lost a slight amount of weight.  Not the McPiggies!  They each gained over and ounce!  I'll weigh daily for the first week and then weekly.
Nimble (green) 10.6 --> 11.8
Quick (blue) 7.9 --> 9.0
Jack (orange) 9.0 --> 10.2
Terri meets Nimble but thinks Quick is her favorite

Clean and resting

Brotherly Love
The puppy in the front of the video is Quick (blue).  The puppy being cleaned is Nimble (green).
Multiple videos and pictures can be accessed from the links to the right.