Monday, November 22, 2010

Updates For the Last Few Days

Between 4 days of dogs shows and working the weekend there wasn't much time for anything so no posts.  Thank goodness it was a very local set of shows.  I am showing a bitch I co-own, Kai, who won her first major and a single point.  She's half way to her championship. 

So what have the boys been up to?  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL so lots of outside time and working on coming down the stairs.  Quick has nailed coming down the stairs followed closely by Nimble.  Jack on the other hand has going up the stairs better then the other two but still screams bloody murder over going down them.  He does respond well to the showers of praise he gets for coming down so he is getting better about it.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so our time on big stairs and outside is going to be limited.  Looks like we may just go for different parts of the house and carpeted regular stairs for the next few days.


Future buds?

Susie has a new favorite.

There's that smile!  Love it!

Is that my nephew?  Wendy and Aerial
Nimble napping
Kelsey and her mom visit

Today, FINALLY!, they ate with gusto.  The addition: baby food veggies - green beans, peas, carrots, squash and a small amount of chicken.  Next week I'll grind my own veggies for them but this seemed like an easy transition to the real thing.  Pixie still nurses but maybe only 2 or 3 times a day/night.
Nimble (green) and Jack (orange)

Nimble (green) and Jack (orange) contemplate the stairs

Such a patient mommy!

I've got my eye on you! (Quick - blue)

Future job?  Lion Tamer!  Nimble (green)
 Tomorrow they are halfway through their journey with me.  5 weeks.  It is kind of sad now to think that after all of this anticipation, planning and waiting that they will be leaving.  I know though that in 5 more weeks time it will be Adios McAmigos and perhaps I wont be so sad.  The chaos that one 10 week old vizsla puppy can cause is enough.  What three can do is going to keep me hopping!