Monday, August 23, 2010

A Rare Opportunity and Thanks

I think it is a rare opportunity to really get to know a dog that you bring into your breeding program as a stud dog.  I was fortunate to be given this opportunity by Kevin, Alycia and Debbie and entrusted with the care of McCoy while he stayed with us this weekend.  In doing this breeding one of the things we have hoped for is to produce  Pixie's temperament.  She is very sound - it takes quite a bit to rattle her.  After getting to know Coy, I am hopeful that the McPixies will be an equal mix of Pix and Coy. In addition to his obvious outward attributes, he is a wonderful dog who fit easily into our home and accepted whatever was brought his way - babies, dogs, strangers, kids, new places  the Grim Reaper coming down the stairs (Drew was wrapped in a big black blanket last night).  This is a testament to the careful planning that produced him and the wonderful raising he received.  
Thank you so much!  I am very grateful!

Here's looking to some sweet little McPixies around October 21st!


So this morning the thrill is gone.  Apparently there is nothing like a weekend of debauchery to get you in the mood for real work like seeing who is the fastest, who can bark more, meeting the neighbor dogs and who gets the stick.

(I'll post more video when my camera battery charges)

Say hello to the neighbor dogs

Pixie doing her Great Grandmother Lucie's nose twitch.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Tonight ends with the two in question having had another night of "romance".  No flowers, candy, or even a peck on the cheek for poor Pixie-poo.  But they did get to race around in the backyard and are now laid out waiting for me to sit on the couch so they can join me. There's not much to the video b/c I forgot to take out my camera until after they had been running for several minutes and it was fairly dark.  Duh!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last night McCoy came to Columbus!  Henry, Drew and I went to meet Coy and Alycia, arriving around 715.  By 830 we had a tie completed, Pixie back in the car, and Alycia's neighbors convinced that they were in the middle of canine porn capital. Their kids and Alycia will never be the same - quite the enlightenment  LOL.  Sadly for poor Coy and Pix we made the trip home and got back around 1230.  After a quick individual stretch in the back yard they were crated again until I woke up YAWN!.

Coy and I spent some quality time scooping poop and picking up sticks and then folding laundry.
Drew had to go to a planning camp out for scouts so we took a trip, met some kids at the grocery store and then came home to make a cake.
While we were waiting for the cake to bake we took a a little time for another breeding and this time mom got the experience of enlightenment - something she has decided wont happen again

They ended off the afternoon with Pixie in her favorite spot on top of the crate and McLovin maxin' and relaxin' in the crate.
Now this evening is a different story.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

McHottie - BISS Ch. Tivoliz Pursuit of Justice JH

Could he look more embarrassed? 

Looking like his normal McHottie self
Pix gets her Brucellosis test Tuesday.  McCoy and Pixie will have their first meeting on Friday.  I'm looking forward to a fun weekend getting to know Coy better!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something on the Horizon

Pixie has come in season!  When one waiting session is over another one starts.
Wait til she comes in season. Done!
Wait until she is bred.  Done!
Wait to see if she is pregnant.
Wait to see how many.
Wait until pups are born.
Wait wait wait!