Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Weeks Old Today

Surprise! Surprise!  The weather forecast was wrong!  So we had lots of outside time again today.  It was colder but the pups still had a good time out there.  Henry and I started out the day picking up the rest of the leaf piles.  Jack thought he would help a little bit.  He's hard to see but he is in there.

Apparently they psyched me out yesterday with the good eating.  Today was just so so.   On the other hand, they have all decided the stairs are not an obstacle to worry about and neither is the door to the whelping box :-P
Jack (orange) helping pick up the leaves.

Jack (Orange)

Why can't I just potty in peace?  Jack(orange) wont leave Quick (blue) alone.

Nimble (orange)

Not sure who this is.  Maybe Quick (blue)