Monday, July 30, 2012

9th Week

Why are we still taking these kinds of pictures?  That is because Pixie isn't cooperating.  Poor Krista came on a false alarm form IN to see the whelping and here is what Ms. Pix looked like last night....
What a goofy way to rest.
So the pups are moving around like happy little clams in there.  Pixie woke up this morning at about 540 to fluff her bed and then promptly went back to sleep. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Stretch

Taking temperatures three times a day.  Oh can you imagine how much Pixie just loves that.  Actually it's not too bad b/c she gets cookies afterward! The have been holding at anywhere between 99.6 and 101.4.Still too high plus she doesn't look any different.  When I look back on notes from the last litter her backbone started to show a couple of days before hand and so far there are no bones on showing *anywhere*! 

They are moving all of the time now.  Busy little beasts will be coming!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8th Week

Call me a slacker for not getting a post made on Monday but I did work two nights before and the night of Monday.  Went to a vet appt for the xray on Monday and have set up the whelping box, started taking temps and have the cleanest, shiniest, prettiest floors in the western hemisphere.  Well, probably just on my street :-) Today I'll take the dogs for a run, grind nails, clean the fish tank and maybe think about getting rid of the pile of laundry - again.  One more night of work tonight and then I'm off for the next week waiting for the pups to arrive!

I didn't get a copy of the xray sent to me or remember to take a camera with me to take a picture but we only saw 3 on xray.  Ms. Piglet, or Pixie as she is generally called in her slender life, has actually gained 9 pounds!  So if when the little babes arrive there are actually only 3 she has some weight to lose.  Generally, you can figure 2 pounds per puppy so there is the possibility that there is another hiding in there.

Another picture!?!?!  I'm so done with this!

Uncle Rocket is trying out the whelping box set up.  I think he likes it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

7th Week

I felt them move for sure!  A little flutter nothing major.  Pixie has started getting a raw mid-day meal or either ground chicken with veggies and fruit or chicken necks.  She is quite happy with the extra yummies though she is really looking like a pin head with her broad ribs and waist.  Xray next week to get an idea of the count.

This is going to end soon right?

Hanging out while Drew cleans BRAG.  I thought a silhouette would be a cool shot. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

6th Week

It may be my excited imagination but I think I feel the tiniest of vibration on her sides when she is sleeping and totally relaxed. I can't wait for a couple more weeks to go by so I can definitely feel them moving!

I see you!

Finally I get to chew up the stick you've been teasing me with!

Who's getting fat?  Did you say I was getting fat?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5th Week Pictures

Now that my cable company has gotten us back online i can post pics from her Monday photo session. Pixie just *loves* posing for her pictures - Not!
Rhoda, here is your belly shot. Note the closed eyes.  She laid like that with her eyes closed for at least 30 sec which in Pixie's world is pretty long.
The pictures don't show what a fatty she is.  Her ribs and loin are just ....round!