Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 35

I almost forgot it was Friday!  We're doing some traveling between a scouting camp out and Nationals.  I have been scrambling to be ready.  So pics are from this afternoon in what looks like the beginning of a storm.  No real changes in Pix - she is as silly as ever.  I think she looks thicker so though the pictures might not look that different, she is definitely changing!  Oh!  And she is now a little under 20.5 inches around.

Monday, September 20, 2010

And now she is getting FAT

It is not my imagination.  The tape tells the truth!  She was 19 inches BEFORE and she is 20 inches NOW!  I couldn't resist the picture even though it is too early for our weekly set of pictures.  BTW, anyone else notice how almost all of my indoor pictures of the dogs have a shoe somewhere in the shot?  Fair warning: Pixie has an obsession with carrying things - usually shoes or her bowl.

Pixie is Famous with her Weaving :-)

My agility group was on the local news today!  There were several clips throughout the show but this one was shown later in the day and was sort of a synopsis of the earlier segments.  There is a quick shot of Pixie weaving.

WSYX 28 news clip

Friday, September 17, 2010

Taking this a little too seriously

Pix must have been listening to this confirmed pregnancy talk.  She actually stayed on her bed downstairs while I went up to do clean the kitchen!  She NEVER does that!  Normally she is a constant shadow.  I stop too fast and she runs into me.  Hmmmmmm.

She is McPregnant!

The ultrasound confirmed it!  We have McPixies baking in the oven!  Now more WAITING!!  I'm not good at waiting!
A 3/4 shot actually shows her little pooch more.

"Oh!  I didn't want you to take a pic of my face!"

"How about this mug?"
I started her on a supplement today.  It is a skunky smelling powder but she chowed down on it.  She also rolls in the nastiest of dead things and eats who knows what on her runs so her taste may not be one to set stock in.  I gave her a little extra for breakfast today also which she seems to think "it's about time!".

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 21

Day 21 is here so The Pixie Rat is in her standard poses. 


Embryo development:
  • 20 days
    The ovules have changed in shape in order to become embryos that adhere to the walls of the uterine horns; the nervous system is already formed.
I don't see any differences in her.  But then now I'm looking at her too much and should I anyway?  She has an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday morning.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Developing Canine Embryos

A couple of groups have published video of developing canine embryos (and other species as well).  These clips are found with several others on You Tube.

Animals In The Womb | Canine Embryo | Channel 4

Animals In The Womb | Developing Dogs | Channel 4

Saturday, September 4, 2010

She Actually Is Pretty

See!  Pix actually can take a nice picture when she doesn't think anyone has a camera trained on her.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Weeks Later

I hate to start looking at her but some people are impatient .  These shots are from this morning after I got home from work.  She doesn't cooperate for camera work much better outside than inside.  You would think she was a retiring wall flower.
It is sort of relevant to equate each week of a dog's pregnancy to each month of a human's pregnancy (not exactly but for our purposes that is what we are going to do).  Pix looks like she should at two weeks.  Nipples a little pink but that is about it. I'll post pics like this every Friday.

Pixie Rat 2 weeks after the deed - front
Pixie Rat two weeks after the deed - side

Despite how miserable Pix makes picture taking there was fun to be had by her and Roady investigating the possibility of a bunny being under a shrub in the front yard.

Stop trying to tear out the roots!
Awwwww!  He is so cute!

A Hunting He Will Go, a Hunting He Will Go

Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting he will go!
So after Coy left the Love Shack he got down to business.
The business of birds!
He and Kevin had a great time under the tutelage of Denny Keeton.