Saturday, November 27, 2010

Go Bucks!

The pups had a nice busy morning.  Of course it started at 5 with pooping outside (Yes, I can learn), a handful of kibble and me going back to bed for a couple of hours.  The boys have new digs for hanging out at night and when we're not home.  Can't say that they like it anymore than before but they have more room and can make more choices.  Overnight everyone pottied on the paper instead of the tile.

First set of visitors today were Kelsey and Patrick.  Patrick hasn't seen them in a few weeks so they looked huge to him compared to before.

Our next set of visitors were very special (not that everyone isn't to us) but Loralynn and her adorable daughter will always have a special place with us since their family helped raise Pixie when she was a pup and I was in school.  It has been almost 4 years since they had a v baby around - they are a border collie family.  The pups loved the new toys they were given and played with them this afternoon and evening.

Jack (orange) loves his cuddle time!

Double the sweetness - Nimble (green) and Quick (blue)
Enjoying a little sunshine - Jack (orange) and Quick (blue)
We topped off the night with another trip to Mom's house.  After dinner they all pretty much have sacked out and have not moved a muscle.

Michigan 7, Ohio St. 37  O-H-I-O!