Monday, August 6, 2012

Slow Couple of Days

When I work the weekend things are going to be quiet but that seems to be just what Pixie needed.  She has settled completely into the sleep upstairs at night and then comes downstairs for day time routine.  Henry said he didn't get much sleep on Saturday b/c of Radar's squeaking and Pixie's restlessness but apparently last night was much better.  I think he is just getting used to the normal squeaking vs the ones that need attention.  It always takes some adjusting.

Sunday morning after work I slept on the cot next to the whelping box so I could keep an eye on them.  Radar came up for a little cuddle time while Pixie looked on to make sure I didn't make him squeak.


Pix is definitely feeling better.  Since yesterday she has started her normal barking and shoe carrying.  Her appetite is a bit better - not perfect but I'm hoping when the antibiotics are done that her appetite will go back to normal.  She is typically a good eater so it is a little disconcerting when she doesn't eat.

I've just today decided I can go to daily weighings.  He is gaining steadily and gains about 2+ ounces a day at this point.  His activity is great.  Lots of sleeping and eating.  He is a strong muscular pup that likes getting stroked especially around his face.  He kicks his little back leg when he gets stroked behind his ear.  I'll have to get some video of that soon.