Saturday, August 4, 2012

Passing the 1 Pound Mark

A little more routine is settling in for Pixie. She is eating better though apparently she likes having a personal chef so lunch today was spaghetti w beef and red bell pepper sauce.  Yum yum!

His Lord and Master has passed the one pound weight mark!  He has gained over 8 ounces since his birth of Tuesday. He weighed in this afternoon at 1lb 2.37 ounces.  I also noticed this afternoon that his little ears are starting to get floppy and longer.  He is turning into a little vizsla. Those silky soft ears will be here in no time.

Radars visitors this morning included Krista, Andrew and Susan.  He showed off his superior eating and napping skills.  He is quite the champ.

Radar's family to be Krista and Andrew

Napping House