Friday, August 3, 2012

Just Chllin'

Today we're just establishing more of a routine.  Mainly for Pixie.  Yesterday really upset her.  Sleeping upstairs for the first time, going to the vet, having her baby taken away and not having enough to do made her a little worried.

So last night upstairs to our sleeping rig; take Drew to practice; downstairs when I get back; go outside; eat a little; weigh the puppy; take her temp; change bedding if needed.  Today we had some visitors.  Caren, Lisa and Mom.  Pixie is eating a bit more but not like her usual self.  She is obviously feeling better since she decided to jump over the 2' side of the main box.  Goofy girl could have just pushed the gate aside.

Radar got his first dose of keifer this morning and seemed to enjoy it. He weighed in at 15.25oz this am but I think that might have been off a bit b/c he weighed the same this afternoon.

Since Pixie is feeling better there are speed bumps in the box under the top blanket along with the "littermates" that are in there for Radar.  All of this is to make Radar have to work harder for what he wants....MILK! and to make him use more muscles so he doesn't become a baby moose.

All boys need a buddy!

Momma's boy!