Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 Weeks Old Today!

So now the baby growing up stuff starts to happen.  Almost 3 more weeks with us and during that time they will start sleeping in a crate at night, being introduced to walking on leashes, learning a trick or two, eating from their own bowls sometimes in and sometimes out of a crate, going on field trips by themselves, going on outdoor field trips together, getting introduced to birds and all kinds of puppy fun. 

Today the boys played outside and inside.  Drew got a cold and came home early from school so there went my plans to take them for an outdoor field trip.  Maybe tomorrow.  It is pretty cold out so any outdoor time is pretty limited.  Pixie showed them the joys of a Buster Cube and something like it that looks like a hard Kong that weebles and wobbles spilling treats out of it.

While they have been pretty soft-mouthed with people, they can be brutal with each other.  Yesterday, Quick (blue) and Nimble (green) got into it to the point that Pixie jumped up and stood between the two of them.  Have I said what a good momma dog she is?  Today Jack (orange) decided that Nimble (green) needed to be shaken like a rag doll and that he could do it by grabbing the skin on the top of his head!  Pixie had to break that one up as well but poor Nimble had a swollen spot on the top of his head afterward.