Thursday, December 9, 2010


Forgot to post their weights yesterday:
Weights (birth -- --> 6weeks --> 7 weeks)
Nimble (green)  10.6oz --> 7.5 lbs --> 9.25 lbs
Quick (blue)  7.9 oz  --> 6lbs 12.6oz --> 8.75lbs
Jack (orange) 9 oz  --> 7.25lb --> 9 lbs
weights were after chowing down on a big lunch so it may be off a little.

The pups are learning some more Zen training.  What is that you say?  Zen is controlling your crazy puppy behavior to get what you want.  Want to eat but you act like a nut barking and leaping at the bowl hoping to knock it out of my hand?  Well, for you my puppy friend, the bowl stays up high until you sit then it starts to come down.  Start your little shenanigans again?  The bowl goes back up and we start again waiting for calm sitting behavior.  The first time we had three little butts planted firmly in place within 1 minute.  Normally I would do each puppy separately but they are pretty quick to catch on and we've been working a little on keep your mouth quiet if you want to get out. Good boys!  Everyone is the McSmartie today!