Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bath Day and Who's Who?

Yes!  They eat now!

Sunday morning was going down open slatted stairs, exploring the basement and additionally some fun before ....
Yes they are way scary stairs

Quick (blue) was first one down though he managed to slide down the last one sideways somehow

And Jack (orange) protested as usual but eventually he did it.

It was well work the effort because there is lots of stuff down there including this giant spider from our Halloween decorations

Bath time.  Talk about unhappy puppies!  The wailing and gnashing of teeth could probably be heard for miles :-).  They all survived and snuggled together under the heat lamp and a blanket afterward.
It's not easy being clean.
When clean is all there is to be

And clean is cool and friendly-like

Pixie tucked them in

Everyone rested after the Great Water Battle

Monday morning was met with a very cold breeze and a little more snow. Not much to speak of really but it was so cold it was still there in the afternoon.  Once they get out they have  good time.  It's confronting that wind when you've been all toasty warm in the house that is difficult to do.

Quick (blue) checking out Pixie checking out Dino and Sandy the neighbor dogs.

Collars didn't go back on after bath time so it's a guessing game a to who is who.  I know and Drew knows but do you know?

I don't think you are supposed to be in there


Mine!  No mine!

Can I have that when you're done?
Let us on the couch!
Worn out
Not quite yet