Friday, August 31, 2012

Radar's First Glamor Shots by Cherry Williams

Chow Time!

These images are from yesterday.  Radar loves to play with his mom and she loves to play too.  He is one tough cookie!

 First meal consisted of Orijen kibble warmed and softened with boiling water with a splash of keifer.  He seemed to be happy to eat.  We'll do one meal a day for a few days then add another and another periodically till he gets to at least 3 meals daily, 4 depending on how he looks.

I've also increased our housebreaking scheme.  R goes outside to potty after waking up.  He is still in the carry to get outside mode of course but he is learning "Get busy!"  Mom came over and took some glamor shots but I have yet to get them so today I'll just use what I took in my dry back yard.  Krista came to visit today (Friday) and was quite impressed by how much progress he has made since the last time she saw him.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Little Walk About

Today Mom and I took a walk with the big dogs so Radar came along in a back pack.  Pictures of this? No.  Why would I remember that?  He just rode along not fussing at all.  On the way home I stopped at an automatic car wash followed by interior vacuuming.  He slept through it as though he were at home having a regular day.

He and Pixie are playing more and more.  In fact they are playing right now.  He is a tough little squirt and keeps coming back even when he gets knocked flat. Of course play gets interrupted with eating breaks so he can regain his strength :-)

I rethought feeding so we'll start up tomorrow morning.  I didn't want to feed him tonight and have Henry have to deal with possible night time pooping when I wasn't home.

4 Weeks and Having Fun!

Happy 4 weeks!  In honor of his improved walking skills and 4 weeks of age I got a couple of new toys.  I realized I can't find my Sit-N-Spin so I found a "new" one and a cute light and sound piano at a thrift store.  He borrowed the butterfly from Rhoda yesterday so he will have a bunch of new noise makers around.  There is a video on Facebook showing his new found love of the butterfly.

I decided to toss a few pieces of kibble in a bowl for Radar to see if he was interested. He had been very interested in Pixie's empty bowl earlier this morning.  See below to see what he thought.  Using his teeth for food is a new concept but again, I'm very pleased with how he goes along with new things.  Tomorrow we'll go into our normal intro to eating.  Pixie is pretty happy to keep feeding him so we'll start with one meal a day of goats milk with probably rice baby cereal to see how he likes it.

Nails got done while he was sleeping to minimize the fight.  He was a little angel.
Somehow a little bump appeared on his lower right lid tonight.  I think maybe it is a bug bite of some sort.  It doesn't seem to bother him too much though it may be a little itchy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cousins Cousins Cousins!

Today had a few firsts for Radar.  He took his first car ride since his eyes have opened.  It's nice to ride with Mommy and big brother.  They keep good company in the big crate in the van. We went to Cincinnati to visit with Rhoda's litter that is 6 days older than R out of Pixie's cousin Kai. She had 6 lovely pups or as they should correctly be labeled, hooligans.  We've been planning to visit when Radar's eyes opened but the timing didn't work out for me or Rhoda.  This morning I asked Henry if he would take us there since I worked last night.  He not so grudgingly said yes and off we went!  Yeah!  Thanks Henry!

Radar's 2nd first was to be outside in the grass.  He never had a worried moment.  Tail was up, head up looking around.  What a trooper!  It is very typical for pups to be worried about the great outdoors so I was quite pleased with his behavior.

The third first was meeting his 6 sweet cousins.  How can he act like it's no big deal to be around a bunch of little dogs like him when he has met a very limited number of dogs - like 3?  The only time he had an issue was when one of the bruisers grabbed him by the flank and tried to pull him around.  His reaction was to try to walk away and one time he cried out but he did as much play as an almost 4 week old can be expected to do.  Again, I was quite pleased with his reactions/behavior. It looks like there was a lot of sleeping from the pictures but it was temporary.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Just Some Videos

Random videos from today.

First Bath

Many times Radar is sleeping with his "brother".  This picture seems to personify their "relationship"

 Ro and Pix got a run in this morning when I got home from work.
 Play time for the baby.  He has gotten so much better about walking on the floor.  Each day he is a little more adept.
 Hilarious look!
 Oh so handsome!
 Getting sleepy.
 Momma is another favorite sleep partner. 
 Finally we got around to the bath.  I decided to use the sink instead of the dog tub b/c I could heat the bathroom pretty easily with a space heater.  Did he love it?  No but he did tolerate it remarkably well.  Maybe he was in shock   We'll see how he does the next time.  Yes, I killed 2 more fleas.  My poor baby boy!  I searched for my bag of diatamacous earth from the last litter and cannot find it.  Maybe I gave it to someone b/c despite how it appears from this blog, generally we don't have fleas and I haven't had to treat my dogs except in sporadic occasions. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up some more.
After he dried off he got cozy with his warmed up "brother" and a blanket heated in the dryer.   Pixie joined in on the warm up program. Time for bed!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not Again!

Radar happenings: He can walk on the slick floor better today.  His teeth are coming through and are just below the surface. Nails were clipped today.He can hear better.  I play his various sound tracks throughout the day.  The barking dogs one is not his favorite.  The others he doesn't seem to notice. Makes you wonder what those dogs are actually saying! He licked and licked my face this morning!  He is currently chewing on Henry's chin and batting him with his paws. Very nice puppy behavior. He is staying rambunctious for longer period of time....and then of course falling into an exhausted sleep

Today the little cherub has had Kelsey come visit and admire his mad puppy skills.  She brought her adorable 7 month old son as well.  What a cute kid!  So this was the very nice part of the day.  I got to catch up with Kelsey, play with baby feet and His Majesty got loved on by someone new.  Kelsey made note that when she looked back at pics of Quixx (Pixie's green collared pup from the last litter) he has the same sleeping behaviors now as then.  Radar should be a back sleeper as an adult since that is his favorite position.

But to prove that no good deed goes unpunished it has been a that kind of day.  I worked last night and met mom right afterward to run the big dogs.  Why did Roady and Pixie have to find cat poop to roll in?  Nice.  Baths for both of them afterward but then I was in not-so-sleepy mode and had to force myself to close my eyes until Kelsey got here.  After she and Miles left I managed to get a little sleep but not the best and then time to pick up Drew from practice.  Well!  Wouldn't you know while I was playing with Radar I discovered this little black stuff on him and then a FREAKING FLEA ran across his belly!  Really?!?!?  Why on Earth does this happen when I have a a baby in the house!  The last time was 2 years ago with the last litter.

Roady and Pix had been treated topically about 2 weeks before Radar was born and they don't have any (Roady is a little sensitive to them so I have noticed them on him very quickly in the past). I think what has happened is that the other day the big dogs went for a run and brought them back to the untreated, helpless little one.  I did catch that little nasty flea and drowned it.  Could I be lucky and have it be the only one on him?  Probably not so Radar is getting his first bath when I get home in the morning.  I'd do it tonight but I need a nap before work.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Aware

This video is from Sunday while I was cleaning Mr's little lair .

In the last couple of days Radar has started turning into a real dog.  He is playing, cutting his teeth so doing lots of chewing, responding to voices, and definitely noticing new things.  When I expanded his living quarters he spent a nice amount of time trying to figure out the ex-pen wires.  Of course he is a baby so he sleeps a lot as well.

A friend of mine recommended some great noise downloads so we've been listening to children and babies, thunderstorms and firecrackers, dogs barking, and construction.  Some of those children sound maniacal but it is good for Radar to hear it since I don't have those noises in my house everyday (thank goodness!).

That pudgy butt is so cute!

Discovering the lamb fleece

Pixie is getting bored with no runs for the last two days or she is looking forward to him getting a little bigger.  She just hopped into the box and bopped him on the head with her paw to try to get him to play.  It was a little more than he is ready for but she can be a fun Momma when pups are able to really play.  His response initially was to give a little yelp and then sidle up to the food bar for a snack.  As you can see from his growth chart he isn't missing too many meals.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still Growing

I got called off the first 4 hours at work at the last minute tonight so I can do an update!  Radar had a few visitors today.  His big brother King's girls came by with their Aunt Wendy and cousin Ed.  A friend from my agility group gave a little hello and has deemed him "very cute"

Worn out and snoozing with his "brother"

Henry is giving his version of stimulation mimicking what litter mates would do.  It's not quite what would happen in a life with litter mates but it will suffice for now

Friday, August 17, 2012

This is Cherry and I have to tell everyone how sweet my Rocket is.  Today I took him with me to do supervisory visits with my clients.  Always he waits in the car but one of the clients has a service dog for her son with cerebal palsy.  She invited Rocket in for a play date.  Keep in mind that Rocket is 5 years old and an intact male.  Her boy is neutered.  Altho they had never met before they played around the house like best friends with never a cross word passed.  Both my boy dogs had lovely temperments and Rex was neutered at 5 and Rocket probably won't ever be.  Why bother?  He couldn't be sweeter.
Mr. Cutie Patootie has his eyes open and is just as adorable as can be!  He is walking a little better; chewing on things more; and now is starting to respond to noises a bit.  Of course his main preoccupation is eating and sleeping but who can blame a fellow?  I've had him on some uncovered surfaces - tile, Pergo - but he's not really ready for them.  Those back legs have to be a little more coordinated still.

His Krista and Andrew came to see him last night as well as Mom.  As expected he was very active before K&A got here and then woke up again after they left.  Silly pup!

I will probably start back with flash photography tomorrow.  Just giving his eyes time to adjust to the bright lights and big city stuff around him.  Drew has a football scrimmage tonight so Mom is coming by to be on puppy duty.  Not that there is much to do right now. Pixie does all of the feeding and cleaning but the stimulation of people is good for him.   Uncle Rocket is coming as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Timing!

Krista and Andrew are coming for a visit tomorrow and it seems as though Moose-man is going to be an obliging pup. His eyes should be fully open by the time they get here!  I love when their eyes open.  It coincides with puppies getting more active and interactive.  Radar is true to form.  Today I took him upstairs to "walk" about in the living room.  He was a champ.  He walked around, pooped, and air scented looking for something familiar.  He is chewing on Pixie and us more. 

Since his eyes are opening I'm not taking pictures of him unless he is sleeping so here he is in some of his favorite positions.  He actually spends a lot of time on his back.

While it looks like he is eating he is actually sleeping

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 2 Weeks Old!

Radar has surpassed the 3 pound mark.  Actually he is 3.07 pounds.  Chunky little monkey!  His eyes remained closed though I think there is the slightest glimmer starting in the corners!  The little scab on the tip of his tail came off and he is starting to have the skin on his tail peel which I have noticed on bigger pups before.  Kind of like it is growing like a snake :-)

His day has consisted of more sleeping and more eating. He is walking better - belly completely off of the floor.  Now, it is so quick I haven't been able to capture it on film :-) but there is definitely major daylight!

Terri came by to get some Radar love. Pixie was outside chasing rabbits under the deck.  When Terri put him back he tottered a round then stopped and looked like he was stuck there.  Then he tottered off.  He had peed on his own.  Pixie has been so diligent on this one pup that I've never seen him go on his own :-)

Making up for the lapse in cleaning

He is getting very chewy.

Handsome baby!

Baby Buddha!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tomorrow is 2 Weeks

After tomorrow I'll start weighing Radar on a less frequent basis rather than daily.  I think he is definitly in the gaining mode LOL  I'm pretty sure by tomorrow he'll be over 3 pounds at 2 weeks of age. That is almost a 2+ pound gain since birth.  Not too bad.

Today we'll do nails on him and the big dogs.  They got off easy and missed last week. 

Will those eyes every open?!?!?!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Pudge Meets Grandma Lannie!

Meet Grandma Lannie (CH MACH Windrunner's Kutya Lang MAD CD RA)  She looks so much like her brother Roady.  She came to meet her newest grandson.

 Will Pixie let Lannie see her puppy?  Sort of.  Pixie gave Lannie "the look" and on one occasion moved quickly between Lannie and the puppy and of course as shown here laid with her back to Lannie sheltering the puppy.  Radar was oblivious to his obvious peril and continued to snack or nap through this process.  Lannie bid her time and waited for Pixie to go outside to chase a squirrel.  She jumped up quickly to get a sniff in. Pixie had to clean off her grandma spit as soon as she came back in. Give it a couple of weeks and Pixie will be happy with any assistance anyone wants to offer.

Wendy has puppy love for Radar.  Who wouldn't. He is so cute.  Teeth are starting to come in which I can tell b/c he is starting to chew on my fingers more.  No real nubs felt but his breath is starting to sweeten into puppy breath so they must be coming.