Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 2 Weeks Old!

Radar has surpassed the 3 pound mark.  Actually he is 3.07 pounds.  Chunky little monkey!  His eyes remained closed though I think there is the slightest glimmer starting in the corners!  The little scab on the tip of his tail came off and he is starting to have the skin on his tail peel which I have noticed on bigger pups before.  Kind of like it is growing like a snake :-)

His day has consisted of more sleeping and more eating. He is walking better - belly completely off of the floor.  Now, it is so quick I haven't been able to capture it on film :-) but there is definitely major daylight!

Terri came by to get some Radar love. Pixie was outside chasing rabbits under the deck.  When Terri put him back he tottered a round then stopped and looked like he was stuck there.  Then he tottered off.  He had peed on his own.  Pixie has been so diligent on this one pup that I've never seen him go on his own :-)

Making up for the lapse in cleaning

He is getting very chewy.

Handsome baby!

Baby Buddha!