Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Pudge Meets Grandma Lannie!

Meet Grandma Lannie (CH MACH Windrunner's Kutya Lang MAD CD RA)  She looks so much like her brother Roady.  She came to meet her newest grandson.

 Will Pixie let Lannie see her puppy?  Sort of.  Pixie gave Lannie "the look" and on one occasion moved quickly between Lannie and the puppy and of course as shown here laid with her back to Lannie sheltering the puppy.  Radar was oblivious to his obvious peril and continued to snack or nap through this process.  Lannie bid her time and waited for Pixie to go outside to chase a squirrel.  She jumped up quickly to get a sniff in. Pixie had to clean off her grandma spit as soon as she came back in. Give it a couple of weeks and Pixie will be happy with any assistance anyone wants to offer.

Wendy has puppy love for Radar.  Who wouldn't. He is so cute.  Teeth are starting to come in which I can tell b/c he is starting to chew on my fingers more.  No real nubs felt but his breath is starting to sweeten into puppy breath so they must be coming.