Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pixie at 4 weeks

More belly shots.  Obviously she is particularly thrilled with the posing - NOT.  It's like pulling teeth!  I suppose it would be easier if I'd just pose her and have someone else take the pictures.  We're at slightly over 4 weeks.  There is definitely thickening of her waist, and her belly has more of a rounding.  It didn't stop her from helping Roady and Rocket out with the rabbit hunting they did yesterday.  5 more weeks to go!

I started her on a supplement that a couple of friends of mine have used.  It's called K9 Puppy Gold http://www.k9power.com/k9_puppy_gold.php  It can be used a formula if pups need supplemented.  It's a powder that smells kind of skunky/skanky/stanky.  She loves it and licks the bowl clean each meal.  Rocket seems to think he should have some as well.  Maybe he's having a sympathy pregnancy .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Another picture of Stryder

I found another picture of Stryder.  He's out hunting with his co-owner, John, last winter.  

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making Plans

I've gotten the whelping box back from Lisa so I need to start thinking about a color to paint it.  Any ideas?  I'm thinking about a creamy almond or pale yellow color b/c mom says it photographs better than what I've had in the past......pink, green, I can't remember what else.  Rhoda's got me thinking about supplies.  I'll have to start going through my stuff to see what I'm missing or need new.  Plus I keep looking at my whelping area trying to figure what is different b/c I can't seem to see how it all fit here before.

We're heading out to do some training.  I think now is a good time to work on that obedience.  Pixie is very excited that her brother and Grandmother are visiting.  I'll have to figure out how to post the video.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pixie at 3 weeks

It's so in vogue to show your pregnant belly these days that I'm going to show off Pixie's   This is her today at essentially 3 weeks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ultrasound Today

We went to see Joanne (our vet) today during the snow storm.  Our usually 30 - 35 minute drive was an hour and 45 minutes long - thanks to another snowstorm!  But she is indeed pregnant as I thought but it is fun to have actual confirmation.  No clue on numbers apparently Pix was too filled with poop.  So we'll do an xray a few days before delivery to have an idea how many to expect and then still be surprised at the whelping   I think I'll start taking weekly  belly shots tomorrow so we can see how she grows.

All is well with Pixie-rat.  She is acting like her normal self and back to eating well.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another non-confirming confirmation

Pixie has continued to be a slow eater in the morning. No problems at night.  Last night we were on the couch watching TV which of course means that they want up with me.  Pixie is normally a heat seeker.  She likes to be under the blankets and can stay under the electric blanket for quite some time before thinking it is too hot.  Last night not so.  Within 30 minutes she was out and panting.  So maybe she is changing a bit and is making more of her own heat.  BTW, both Mom and Lisa think she looks and feels pregnant respectively.

One a completely non-related note, I was making Magic Meatballs for Rocket on Sunday.  Roady and Pixie love them so I had an audience during the preperation:
Roady - I'm surprised he isn't drooling
Pixie in waiting mode

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I just remembered

I was looking at the date of the last post.  Today would have been Lucie's 16th birthday.
She made it to 15+ late last July.  I understand her brother Rufus is still living.  Happy 16th to brother Rufus! Pixie's great uncle.

Morning Sickness?

Could it be?  I can't remember any of my girls getting sick during pregnancy but they can.  Pix just lost her "breakfast".  Yes I know it isn't morning anymore but they ate a late brunch today b/c my agility group had a trial and I went to work it and forgot to ask Henry to feed them. Pix ate well but about 30 min later up it comes.  She's not a barfy dog and she is acting great so what else could it be?  Hmmmmm....I'm going to think another sign in the affirmative!!!