Friday, September 8, 2023

Welcome to Windrunner Vizslas! Vizsla Breeder Located in Columbus Ohio

Magnus: bird dog in training. NSTRA AFC CH Windrunner FAWA Juggarnaut CD BN CGCA TKI field and GCH pointed (Capone x Jinks) 

Welcome to the blog part of our website! We are Vizsla breeders and exhibitors. Check out the rest to see more about us and our dogs. 

We plan on having a litter late summer 2024. .

Generally, you can expect the wait for a well bred puppy from a reputable breeder to be about 6 months or more.  Now is a good time to develop a relationship with a reputable breeder. We are happy to try to help you find a breeder so long as you are looking for a reputable, respected, preservation hobby breeder. Lots of adjectives there but how else are you going to differentiate from the BYBs and puppy mill breeders!

If you aren't certain how to contact a Vizsla breeder of quality please review this link

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Puppies On The Horizon

This blog portion of the website remains posted as edification of how my puppies are generally raised. There will be no future updates. 

It is with great excitement that we make an official announcement. Capone and Jinks are expecting! Puppies should make their appearance around June 15th! This is Capone's third litter and the first for Jinks. We can't wait to see what this dynamic duo will bring. Click on their names to go to their personal pages which contains all pertinent health information.

DC Red River's Flash Mob JH "Capone"    X    GCH CH Windrunner FAWA High Jinks JH NA NAJ "Jinks"

Friday, December 6, 2013

Last Night As a Whole Litter

Tonight is their last night together so I'm letting them sleep together one last time. Even Pixie wanted to join in on the action and usually she sleeps upstairs. That part is very sad to me.  The good thing for them is that after this weekend they will all start their new lives and be a part of their new family causing chaos and destruction away from my house!  Really though, I will miss them as Rhoda has also. They have had a pretty quiet night.  Iris now Harmony went for a sleepover and came back in the evening.  Hesta, now Seeker, also went for a sleep over and is back.  Luna, now Jinks, had a visit for a few hours in the evening.  Tomorrow they may go back to sleeping separately.

These smarties have started running into their crates when food is around.  They don't stay very  long so I have to be quick to get a bowl in and the door shut but I was very surprised that the behavior was offered. This past week we have been busy with visits, going to the park, and play play playing!  I've posted several videos on my youtube site and have some of the pictures below.

 They went to the vet and saw our favorite Dr. Joanne Buehner,  Friends Lisa and Rick were there too.  Rick had his new Saluki pup, Siri, born two days after the puppies.

Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Weeks Old Today!

Happy 5 weeks old little Gifts of the Gods Poopies! To celebrate they did not get poop on their bed over night!

Sleeping with Momma
We have spent the week concentrating on pottying outside, stairs, trying to get Kai's weight back up a bit and doing some weaning.  We have lad lots of play time with introduction to things moving under their feet like the sit and spin, upside down sled, and  saucer sled which I will make into a swing when they come back.  They have a new friend Bob (see prior posts).  They've done some climbing on the little slide, running through the tunnel, climbing under and over furniture - yes someone did poop on my sheepskin covered ottoman (!!!!!!!!  Really?!?!?!).  They've had some fun with the electronic toys that light up and make noises and of course they've had big man time with Henry and Drew.  Oh and don't forget the tv that is always on too loud...can you hear me?!?!

Cow milkers with rope are cool toys!
Some adjustments will have to be made to the pen I've made for them since I just saw Athena trying out her teeth on the part of the wall I don't have covered.  I've been trying to really "see" them.  Usually by now i can take collars off of everyone and tell who is who.  Not so with this bunch so I have started to do them in pairs.  Frigg and Athena seemed the most different so I started with them.  Now I've got Luna and Iris which isn't the best idea.  After several hours now they are starting to look more different to me.  It's a good exercise in having my eye learn the individual differences in a short time.  They are all pretty similar so it's going slower than usual.  Mom took some pictures yesterday so that may help some as well.

Gimme that sit and spin!  I'm going for a twirl!
They are at 4 meals a day with 2 - 3 nursings from Kai.  She is as thin as a rail but I think we may be at a turning point with the whole supply and demand side of nursing.  She seems to be starting to produce a little less.
Trying out the bouncy slick sled
I've put several videos from today and yesterday on my youtube site.  I have no idea what is on them so if there is anything offensive let me know so i can take them off.  I usually tune out the tv or anyone yelling in the background when I'm taping :-)

They've had several visitors this week ending tonight with Wendy's nephew and great nephew and tomorrow with Susan and Rhoda.  I'll miss them but look forward to the fun when they get back in two weeks!  They will be completely house trained by then right Rhoda?

Playing with cousin Pix
Right now they are listening to a thunder sound track.  Fall puppies don't get too many summer storms.  They also have tried out noisy children noises and construction sounds though they did experience the real thing on garbage day with the trucks going down the street.  They have had the "joy" of Pixie barking at the squirrels she has missed that are then laughing at her from the trees.

Almost time to eat.  This one should have been a video b/c Frigg is screaming her head off!

Friday, October 4, 2013


The puppies have arrived!  5 girls and 1 boy in this happy little bunch! Kai is the best mother watching over them and making sure all is well.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Expanding Girth

Kai is visiting for a few days and took a little time out to show off her belly.
She wants MORE of her raw chicken!

So much for that girlish figure!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not Again!

Radar happenings: He can walk on the slick floor better today.  His teeth are coming through and are just below the surface. Nails were clipped today.He can hear better.  I play his various sound tracks throughout the day.  The barking dogs one is not his favorite.  The others he doesn't seem to notice. Makes you wonder what those dogs are actually saying! He licked and licked my face this morning!  He is currently chewing on Henry's chin and batting him with his paws. Very nice puppy behavior. He is staying rambunctious for longer period of time....and then of course falling into an exhausted sleep

Today the little cherub has had Kelsey come visit and admire his mad puppy skills.  She brought her adorable 7 month old son as well.  What a cute kid!  So this was the very nice part of the day.  I got to catch up with Kelsey, play with baby feet and His Majesty got loved on by someone new.  Kelsey made note that when she looked back at pics of Quixx (Pixie's green collared pup from the last litter) he has the same sleeping behaviors now as then.  Radar should be a back sleeper as an adult since that is his favorite position.

But to prove that no good deed goes unpunished it has been a that kind of day.  I worked last night and met mom right afterward to run the big dogs.  Why did Roady and Pixie have to find cat poop to roll in?  Nice.  Baths for both of them afterward but then I was in not-so-sleepy mode and had to force myself to close my eyes until Kelsey got here.  After she and Miles left I managed to get a little sleep but not the best and then time to pick up Drew from practice.  Well!  Wouldn't you know while I was playing with Radar I discovered this little black stuff on him and then a FREAKING FLEA ran across his belly!  Really?!?!?  Why on Earth does this happen when I have a a baby in the house!  The last time was 2 years ago with the last litter.

Roady and Pix had been treated topically about 2 weeks before Radar was born and they don't have any (Roady is a little sensitive to them so I have noticed them on him very quickly in the past). I think what has happened is that the other day the big dogs went for a run and brought them back to the untreated, helpless little one.  I did catch that little nasty flea and drowned it.  Could I be lucky and have it be the only one on him?  Probably not so Radar is getting his first bath when I get home in the morning.  I'd do it tonight but I need a nap before work.