Monday, December 9, 2019

Welcome to Windrunner Vizslas! Vizsla Breeder Located in Columbus Ohio

Magnus: bird dog in training. CH Windrunner FAWA Juggarnaut BN CGCA TKI field and GCH pointed (Capone x Jinks) 

Welcome to the blog part of our web site! We are Vizsla breeders and exhibitors. Check out the rest to see more about us and our dogs.

Our upcoming litter (July 2020) is spoken for. We are possibly considering a litter for Spring 2021. Please visit our Upcoming Litters page for more information and before contacting us. Until our plans are fleshed out for 2021 we are not considering any homes.

Due to the incredibly high demand for puppies during the Covid Pandemic, you can expect the wait for a well bred puppy from a reputable breeder to be about a year or more.  Now is a good time to develop a relationship with a reputable breeder.We are happy to try to help you find a breeder so long as you are looking for a reputable, respected, preservation hobby breeder. Lots of adjectives there but how else are you going to differentiate from the BYBs and puppy mill breeders!

If you aren't certain how to contact a Vizsla breeder of quality please review this link

Saturday, July 8, 2017

3 Weeks - Catching Up

The pups are three weeks old! The vast majority of their time is spent eating or sleeping or eating again! So what else have they been up to?
They have been playing with each other and also Jinks.
Their play consists of chewing on each other and then promptly falling asleep.
Their eyes are fully open and ears are getting there.
They have been introduced to a potty area.
They have toys to play with now and, when awake, are beginning to play with them.
They have gotten their nails done multiple times now both clipped and dremeled.
They have been visiting with lots of people almost every day.
They have play time outside of their box at least a couple of times a day.
They are noisy and talky. I think we are going to attribute that to Grandma Potter since she has a thing or two to say ! 😛

Jinks got to go for her first run since puppies were born. She was quite happy about that.



Thursday, June 29, 2017

We Are Two Weeks Old!

Two weeks has flown by!  The pups are doing great. Growing like little red weeds. They all have eyes open though they of course have limited vision right now. I imagine things are a little blurry right now. Given a few more days they will be much better.


Capone x Jinks - 2 weeks old today

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Today they have started to discover each other in the sense that they are interacting with someone other than their Momma.  A couple of them have started baby barking too. Such cuties.

Meeting cousin Pixie

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wrapping Up Week One

The pups had several visitors this week ending with the Andersons and their brood and the Reinerts. Jinks is figuring out that no one really wants to eat them so she is relaxing more when people come visit.
They are growing fast! As soon as I get it plugged into Excel I'll post a chart with their weight gain. Suffice it to say they eat more than Jinks at this point.

Eyes and ears should be opening soon. 10 - 14 days typically. Last night they were a noisy bunch squeaking and squealing all night long. I don't think Jinks or I got much good sleep. Of course now they are quiet as mice!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fun and Games!

The puppies are here! The puppies are here! On June 15th from 0210 to 0552  Jinks delivered 7 perfect little red pups. 5 males and 2 females. The Fun and Games babies have the following names(along with how I remember):

Bingo -blue male ("B"lue="B"ingo)
Rover -red male (Red Rover, Red Rover, send Pam right over!)
Tag -green male (Tag is played out on the green grass)
Checkers -black male (Checkers pieces are black)
Pattycake - pink female ("P"ink = "P"attycake)
Cricket - yellow female (I guess baby crickets are yellow)
Simon - lt blue male (it just is 😉)

Jinks has been the perfect momma dog.  She is very attentive but calm and relaxed especially for a first time mom.

So what have we done in our first 6 days: Nails trimmed twice. Visitors 8 times. Daily weighing, Eat. Eat. Eat. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Their eyes and ears wont start to open until they are 10 - 14 days old. Their scenting ability in amazing as they can find Jinks in the box with no difficulty at all. They are noisy little beasts but also very sweet!