Saturday, December 4, 2010

Super Smart Boy of The Day is......

... Jack (orange)!  He just now "asked" to go out to Get Busy and poop.  What a McSmartie!
Last night I thought Pixie had decided any nursing was over.  Apparently not so.  These silly boys still need a snack now and then and she is willing to oblige!  The nice thing is they really aren't too terrible about grabbing her so she spends a lot of time teaching them the ropes.  So far no lessons in counter surfing but most vizslas are more than capable of figuring that out on their own.
Is there any left for me?
 It's been kind of a sleepy day for them.  Nothing too exciting happened.  They slept, ate, played outside and in.

The best pillow I'll ever have
It doesn't look like it but I really liked the carrot!

Nimble (green) and Quick (blue) have some subdued wrestling going on.

Computer woes stopped me from posting this yesterday.