Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Snow this morning! Not enough to make much of a difference but it is COLD outside!  They run to the door all excited to go out until I stop, then they slam on the brakes. I take a step outside. Quick (blue) and Jack (orange) run up the stairs and Nimble (green) turns around and runs to a fleece by the couch.  Apparently he is the smart puppy who knows it is too frigid to go out.  I can be persuasive though and he is small so scooped up he gets and outside he goes.  We have all poops outside (YEAH!)

Nimble (green) and Jack(orange) try to find a warm spot.

Nimble (green) is ready to come in!

Quick (blue) is good at the tippy board
 Pixie and Jack (orange) have a play session on the ottoman.

Momma Pix looks mean but she is pretty gentle with the babies.

We had a couple of visitors today.  Lisa came by to teach me the finer points of my Nook.

Quick (blue) likes to give sweet kisses.

Our other visitors were Karen and her mom, Marie.  The boys were worn out from Lisa's visit and slept like little angels for them.  Pixie was not to be ignored and made a lovely impression on Marie.
Nimble (green) enjoys some lap time

Marie thought the pups were cute but Pixie was her favorite.
After visiting hours were over the pups had fun upstairs.  They can now climb smooth regular steps.

Pixie can't stop playing
Handsome Quick (blue)
Nimble (green) coming through the rug tunnel

Jack (orange) bringing up the rear
 The End