Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Next Day

Today has not been what I envisioned.  First of all, I thought we'd be whelping today.  Not!  But that's ok.  I'm glad the night went great and I don't even have a crick in my neck.  Pixie has figured out how to lay down carefully for the most part.  Her protective instincts have kicked in.  She is having none of Roady coming anywhere near the box.  She is such a sweet dog who rarely has taken offense to much.  However, her Snake Face came out with a vengeance when Roady got about 3 feet from her box.  Second, I thought I'd be able to sit in the box all morning watching puppies.  Not!  This morning I found a FLEA on Nimble (green) and then one on Pixie!  YUK!  I hate fleas!  Give me a tick any day over a flea.  So almost all of the cleaning and preparing I did had to be redone! And so much for Pixie being the perfect little mother!  What good mother would give her beloved pups fleas?  LOL  All of the bedding is being washed including couch covers, linens, anything that could harbor a flea.  Dogs including puppies have been washed - Thanks Mom!

Poor Pixie-rat was not pleased with all of this washing and fussing over her babies!  She quickly settled into her Happy Place once everyone was dried and put back in the box.  No pictures of the washing bc it went too fast in our efforts to cause as little chilling as possible - heater in the bathroom, rubbed dry and finished in a small box w heating pad.  Were they hungry afterward!  But then I'm discovering that they are always hungry!

Neighbor Terri came by for about 30 minutes this am and they ate about 4 times while she was here!  McPiglets!  They also got weighed this am less than 24 hours after birth.  It would be normal for them to have lost a slight amount of weight.  Not the McPiggies!  They each gained over and ounce!  I'll weigh daily for the first week and then weekly.
Nimble (green) 10.6 --> 11.8
Quick (blue) 7.9 --> 9.0
Jack (orange) 9.0 --> 10.2
Terri meets Nimble but thinks Quick is her favorite

Clean and resting

Brotherly Love
The puppy in the front of the video is Quick (blue).  The puppy being cleaned is Nimble (green).
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