Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They Have Arrived!

Today has turned out to be whelping day!  Thank you Deb for strongly suggesting the xray last week rather than tomorrow which is what I had originally planned!  We have three healthy happy boys.  One of the whelps didn't survive which is very disappointing but I'm happy with the boys that arrived.  In keeping with the Nursery Rhyme theme they are in order of birth: Nimble (green collar), Quick (blue collar) and Jack (orange collar). 

Pixie is a terrific mother!  Gentle and attentive, she took to the first puppy without a moments hesitation.  She may get a little obsessive with the cleaning but I'm sure they'll survive being sparkling clean puppies.  All three of the boys came out vigorous and hungry.  Each started sucking their paw while I was cleaning them up!  Many thanks to the whelping team of Henry (reluctant though he was, he did a great job tying off the umbilical cord for me), Lisa, Wendy and Mom.  Despite several litters being born in our home, Henry has managed to not be in the same room for any of them.

So the details of each pup are as follows:

Nimble:  green collar;  10.6 oz; born at 1:03pm; head presentation; dry; placenta later with another pup.

Quick: Blue collar: 7.9 oz; born at 1:45; head presentation w placenta.

Jack: Orange collar; 9 oz; born at 2:35; breech presentation w 2 placentas; small white spot on chest and top of head
(An additional placenta was delivered between pups 2 and 3)

Where's the milk?
Ahhh!  That's more like it!

Nimble going up my pants leg.