Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cutest Visit Ever and a Trip, Snip and Clip!

Yesterday afternoon
Don't they look HUGE here!?!?

Nimble (green) and Quick (blue)

The McBoys met the girls today!  One of the boys has a home with an adorable set of twins who came to visit today with their Mom and cousin.  They just happen to be the nieces of Wendy who owns Pixie's dam, Lannie and sister Aerial.  The girls were so good with the puppies that Pixie, who has determined that she is actually a mother lion, fell asleep while they each had one of her McCubs.

Taking turns

Did I mention that they each want their own puppy?
Weights today are:
Nimble (green) 10.6 --> 11.8 --> 13.9
Quick (blue) 7.9 --> 9.0 --> 10.3
Jack (orange) 9.0 --> 10.2 --> 12.0
I don't expect them to gain as much tomorrow.  They seem to have managed to fit more sleeping in between the feedings.  Pixie and I are still feeling pretty sleepy by the time evening rolls around from all of the night time squeaking.

Last night I found them stacked.  Very cute.

After a lovely visit the pups got a little rest and then off to have tails and dewclaws done.  Pixie was not happy that the boys were taken away from her but she survived and so did they with no ill effects at all.  Henry has had a lot of firsts with this litter.  He came along for his first tails and dewclaws.  Each pup fell asleep instantly with him afterward. When all was done they went back to Pixie who waited in the car. Not that they were aware of it at all but the car ride was fine.  They got checked out thoroughly, ate a little and went right to sleep.

More visitors:  Drew and one of his friends sat in the box again after school and Wendy came by later this afternoon to watch the McSquirmers so I could go grocery shopping and Henry and Drew could go work out.  Pixie is pretty careful about laying down around the pups but it can be a little difficult with they get spread out.

Sweet dreams.