Friday, December 24, 2010

Leashes, Bujas and Tunnels

Today the boys got to go to my agility building and work on walking on a leash.  No pictures because I was by myself but let me just say they were stellar pups!  They walk into every place like they own it.  Such brave boys.  The leash work was easy.  They learned quickly that treats come when you are close to me.  They also did minimal chewing on the leash.  I foresee 3 Best In Class puppies in their puppy classes.

The Buja board is just a continuation of the tippy board.  They were happy to make it move and were each starting to figure out that I was shaping them to make it move.  I somehow managed to get them each through a full-sized tunnel on my own. And as usual they had no problems going through it.  I just can't find much that fazes the McTrio. 

We ended out the afternoon with a play date at mom's house.  Lots of fun to be had except when they tried to run for the hills when I was getting them back in the car.  Bad Boys!