Wednesday, December 22, 2010

9 Weeks Old

They celebrated the end of Week 9 with a visit to my veterinarian, Dr. Joanne Buehner.  They enjoyed most of the visit - a car ride, cookies, lovin', and people telling them how wonderful they are.  Not so enjoyable were the shots and microchipping but they survived.  They have been playing with my niece and nephew, going for car rides, sleeping in the crate at night and in general having a  good time.  They have mastered several kinds of stairs - Well Nimble still hesitates at the open backed wooden stairs but he runs and jumps on every other kind.  I've tried doing some clicker introduction.  They are catching on.  Today we went for a big run since it was a little warmer this morning - all of 30 degrees. BTW, I can't seem to remember to bring my camera anywhere!