Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Growly Beasties

Jack (orange) trying out the tile floor.  Not too bad.

Terri and her McFav, Quick (blue)

Nimble (green) needs a little rest

Go tunnel, Quick (blue)!

Jack (orange) belly time

What a goofy look, Nimble (green)

McFan (Jack) watching football w Henry

The new things for today. 
Growling!  Don't you push me!  Don't you get in my way!  Don't you knock me over!  Don't, Don't, Don't!  Very cute when they find their voice. 
Walking on the ceramic tile.  It is slick so it can be difficult to manuever when they are first walking.  It didn't seem to be a problem for this crew.  I had them out when I was cleaning up the blankets and they went exploring.
New tunnel to play in - Looks like their might be an agility dog in this group!
Visitors for today - Terri, Lisa, Joanne, Ellie, Patti.  An appraiser guy came through the house this am so heard but not played with.

Make sure the volume is on for this one.  Growling starts with Quick and then switches to Jack.