Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3 Weeks Old Today!

top to bottom Nimble (green), Jack (orange), Quick (blue)
 Happy 3 week birthday today!  Everyday they are bigger and cuter.  This morning they had weights and nails done followed by more cuddling, eating and sleeping.  Pixie is going for a run.  She is getting slightly stir crazy but other than that she is holding her weight, keeping a good appetite and continuing to make sure they are safe from whatever boogie man might be out there.  She can stare down the best of them without blinking  LOL.

 Weights (birth --> 2 weeks -->3 weeks)
Nimble (green)  10.6oz --> 2lb 14.2oz --> 4lb 4oz
Quick (blue)  7.9 oz --> 2lb 3.3oz --> 3lb 6.2oz
Jack (orange) 9 oz --> 2lb 8.4oz --> 3lb 6 12.1oz

Pixie and Quick (blue)

Nimble (green)

I *think* this is Quick (blue) but it could be Jack (orange)

Come on!  Don't you wanna play? (Quick and Jack)

Puppy yoga (Nimble (green))
Both videos are of Quick on the left and Jack on the right.