Monday, August 23, 2010

A Rare Opportunity and Thanks

I think it is a rare opportunity to really get to know a dog that you bring into your breeding program as a stud dog.  I was fortunate to be given this opportunity by Kevin, Alycia and Debbie and entrusted with the care of McCoy while he stayed with us this weekend.  In doing this breeding one of the things we have hoped for is to produce  Pixie's temperament.  She is very sound - it takes quite a bit to rattle her.  After getting to know Coy, I am hopeful that the McPixies will be an equal mix of Pix and Coy. In addition to his obvious outward attributes, he is a wonderful dog who fit easily into our home and accepted whatever was brought his way - babies, dogs, strangers, kids, new places  the Grim Reaper coming down the stairs (Drew was wrapped in a big black blanket last night).  This is a testament to the careful planning that produced him and the wonderful raising he received.  
Thank you so much!  I am very grateful!

Here's looking to some sweet little McPixies around October 21st!