Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thank Goodness They Were Too Young To Help

Laundry basket play
Little innocent
Sacked out with no shame (or maybe he is proud)
Today was a car day.  It ended up actually being almost a full day activity vs a couple of hours.  Thank you BMV.  I suppose I should take some of the blame since I am the one who let my license expire.  But my one trip turned into three including a trip to the Social Security Admin.  The plan was to run a few car errands so they could spend about an hour stopping and going with Gr. Uncle Roady in the front seat guarding the car so I could leave it running due to the cold.  BTW, he did his part well.  It turned into a 4+ hour lesson on the nature of car riding (in a crate of course).  They were EXCELLENT!  There wasn't even any screaming at the very start of our trip.  They only squeaked after the 2.5 hour mark was hit but we were finally on our way to the park by then.  So now I have a new license and a new SS card on the way (I lost my license and debit card in Cleveland yesterday :-()  

On to the fun part.  We went for a run in the woods.  They are fast!  I ran away from them keep them from tripping me and to keep them running and warm, and they almost were able to keep up. At the start of our woods walk I saw that a baby raccoon had been treed in a sapling.  The big dogs were chasing a squirrel so it was safe for now and we started our walk. 
Raccoon baby

 Unfortunately the raccoon had decided to come down from the tree.  That was not a wise decision.  Roady had plans for it.  The puppies saw what was going on so they have been indoctrinated into the thinning of the local wildlife.  I managed to keep them away from actually getting to Roady and our romp in the woods ended

Time for our next stop - Wally world  They were wonderful little troopers.  I think they are well on their way to being excellent travelers.