Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Visit

No pictures today but the boys went to mom's house today while I went to Drew's wrestling tournament.  They played with Uncle Rocket and Gr Grandma Sunny.  Apparently at one point Quick was being fresh and got a little lesson in just how he should behave with his elders. It is nice to have dogs around who can teach these lessons nicely but firmly.  They also had more fun with greenery, a giant Amazon's cast offs and meeting with my nephew and niece who just arrived from LA.

Henry and I were laughing last night about how cute and gentle Pixie is with the babies - wanting to play with them and egging them on to roughhouse with her.  She also balances that well with a firm paw when they get too out of line. 

I may have pics tomorrow but I work a 12 tonight and tomorrow so no promises.  Best to check back Monday evening.  Have a great weekend!