Monday, November 8, 2010

What A Good Boy Am I?

So yesterday slipped by with no entry on the blog :-(    But the gist of the day was that they are playing harder but still sleeping and eating a lot.  The box changed a bit to adjust to their beginning potty training.  It is hard to tell from the photo but there is only newspaper beneath the light blue bedding.  The other now has two layers of the egg crate foam so it is a little squishier which Pixie loves.  There is a little step down to the "potty" area.  I start out with fabric there so they have good traction.  Next week when their legs are better under them I'll switch it out to just newspaper.  Already the boys are doing most of their pottying in this area. 

Nimble (green), Jack (orange), Quick (blue)

Jack (orange)
Shar Pei Nimble (green)

Shar Pei Nimble (green).  Next week he'll be a Bloodhound!

Much better Nimble face

Jack (orange)

The Three McStooges