Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today started off with a visit from Kelsey, Patrick and Kelsey's brother Nathaniel.  I took advantage of their visit as a time to change the bedding and have puppies out of the box on a blanket.  Pixie was of course convinced that they were here only to see her. Pups were ok with the change of location and do like being cuddled.  My dad's friend came over and while he isn't into dogs at all, he does wear more cologne than anyone who has come to visit so far so the pups were exposed to a new smell and sounds if not exactly a new person. 

The amount of bedding changes is about to ramp up.  Puppies are peeing larger amounts and are starting to walk away from where the sleep - Good puppies!  So the potty training begins.  Pix is great about cleaning up most of it though.  Good Momma-dog!
Kelsey and Jack

Easy access.

McSweetie and McSleepy


 Yesterday I posted additional pics and videos at the links to the right.