Monday, November 15, 2010

I forgot to mention that they are walking much better on the slicker floor that is outside of their box.  I also changed their potty area to just newspaper instead of a thin fabric b/c they are better able to handle the slick nature of the paper.  There is still the occasional backward slide but for the most part they are doing really well.  They showed off their paper potty finesse when Caren was visiting.  All three woke up from their sleep on the bed to find the paper that was out and potty on it.  What good puppies!  Only 3 weeks old and already they have the "Get Busy" spot picked out.. at least today they do!
Nimble (green) trying to eat mom's whole hand.  Quick (blue) looks on for another tender spot.

Nimble (green) trying to eat mom's hair

Nimble (green) trying to eat Caren's nose
 Has anyone noticed a trend here?  So far Nimble is the best eater.... no surprise.

Jack (orange) likes to kill all toys.

Nap time after a day out of the box

Quick (blue) a little blurry.  Pictures are going to be harder now that they move more.

Can't a brother get some sleep around here?

Jack (orange)
Check out Jack's (orange) position.  That just seems wrong