Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Sorry I missed yesterday.  The day after working is always hard to do the extra stuff like blogging.  So lots of pictures today.  This morning started off quietly with play session and a toy kill by Jack.  Breakfast by Quick and Nimble - Jack still thinks it is a bad idea.  The the biggest part of today was a little trip outside.  The weather was so perfect we had to do it even though they are several days younger than I prefer.  Considering their age they got a little stressed but handled it pretty well.  I didn't want their first time out to be cold, wet and potentially scary. 
The boys had two visitors today - Terri and her daughter Sam.  Finally, I found an orange baby collar.  Nimble is a new lime green but he looks good in it.  I have been having the hardest time finding orange so we'll take whatever shade of green.  They ended the night hanging out in the family room, trying a little dinner, getting snuggles and finding the sheepskin throw.  Jack thought that was a fun treat made just for puppies. 
There are several videos posted on the Youtube link to the right.

Nimble  and Quick

Quick and Nimble

Jack getting a small sample.


The great outdoors

Nimble, Jack, Quick


Terri and Quick

Sam and Jack
Nimble (green) and Jack (orange)

Jack is under the two playing snuggled up to the sheepskin.