Friday, October 8, 2010

Is It 49 Days Already?

Goodness!  The time is flying by!  Only 2 more weeks.  Pixie-poo is a very cute little fatty.  When she sits and hold her bowl she tends to wag fast and her whole belly shakes back and forth.  She seems to be slowing down a little more on our runs but today is hotter than it has been in a while as well so it may be that more than anything.
Today wasn't the best day for the dogs in that they spent much of the day in their crates but it was fun for me. A few of us helped a friend whelp 6 cute, healthy Keeshond pups.  It was a nice precursor to Pixie's whelping.  I can't wait to see them especially since I can feel them moving more easily.  So exciting!  Yes.  I'm going to get an xray but not for a bit over a week from now.
  • 45 days
    From this moment on, the growth of the fetus is very fast
  • 51 days
    The bones of the fetuses are already calcified and therefore can be seen by means of x-rays in order to verify their positioning and approximate number
She looks halfway decent here b/c Roady is foraging through the shrubbery for mice and bunnies.
Keeshonden babies