Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 56 is here and Happy Birthday Drew!

Poor Pixie is ending this past week with some discomfort.  Not from being a fat puppy-filled sausage with legs and a head sticking out of it but from being a greedy pig!  She scrounged some treats from my car, a loaf of bread and who knows what at the park!  So I've got our potato-turnip-fish concoction going which is a special treat to her.

She has definitely slowed things down.  She does a lot more trotting on runs but she still bounds up the stairs to eat and then flips off of the chair in the living room but she doesn't get as high in the air as normal. She has also enjoyed laying in the sunshine we've had for the past few days. Remarkably, the barking hasn't slowed down.

I can *see* puppies moving now!  I love it!  The whelping box is painted a pale blue and I've been nesting.  The backyard has had all debris taken away and the grass cut, the spare bedroom is put back together (this has absolutely nothing to do with the puppies it just needed done), bathrooms are cleaned and the area where the whelping box is going starting to get emptied out.  The box will be up tonight.  This weekend Drew and I are cleaning the basement (this will be one of the indoor puppy play areas).

I keep forgetting to measure her.  She is 26" around as of this am.  Xray this afternoon for a puppy count.  I'm guessing 5.  I will post results when I get them of course.