Friday, August 17, 2012

Mr. Cutie Patootie has his eyes open and is just as adorable as can be!  He is walking a little better; chewing on things more; and now is starting to respond to noises a bit.  Of course his main preoccupation is eating and sleeping but who can blame a fellow?  I've had him on some uncovered surfaces - tile, Pergo - but he's not really ready for them.  Those back legs have to be a little more coordinated still.

His Krista and Andrew came to see him last night as well as Mom.  As expected he was very active before K&A got here and then woke up again after they left.  Silly pup!

I will probably start back with flash photography tomorrow.  Just giving his eyes time to adjust to the bright lights and big city stuff around him.  Drew has a football scrimmage tonight so Mom is coming by to be on puppy duty.  Not that there is much to do right now. Pixie does all of the feeding and cleaning but the stimulation of people is good for him.   Uncle Rocket is coming as well.