Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm Mr. Heatmeiser

Last night we had our usual set up: Pix and Radar in our room my side of the bed.  Heat lamp in place not directly on the box and ceiling fan going but not as fast as it is when no puppy is in the room. at about 1am Radar is squawking and Pixie isn't in the box.  I call her out from under the bed (where she usually sleeps so it isn't that weird) and she gets into the box. He doesn't care.  He keeps moving around the box and crying.  Finally, through my sleep stupor i turn off the lamp.  The crying stops almost immediately and we go back to our peaceful night with momma where she should be and baby sleeping (and eating through the night)

Henry said you know he is a little sausage but he doesn't actually have to be cooked.