Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today mom and I picked up Pixie from her rendezvous with her intended, Flynn (AKA GCH 3xBISS DC AFC Snowridge Gunfire Flynn MH AOM CGC WT).  Apparently, she had a great time with the girls at Camp Whitney as can be seen above.  She is on the left.

Puppies, should they be cooking in there, are due at the end of July so that gives us only so much time for the prep work that needs to start including the hyper nesting by me - empty out the house of anything we haven't used in the last year (We're tired of looking at it )  

Mom and I spent the trip to Medina planning color of the whelping box and a litter theme with potential names.  Drew and Henry decided that the litter names will be X-Men based.  The new thing I think we are going to do is have all future registered names be based on one word following the alphabet.  That would make this the G litter so for an example a puppy could be named Windrunner Glitter.  You probably get the point.