Wednesday, December 1, 2010

McHairy Puppy Play Date

 The boys started off the morning with a visit from Terry and a weigh in.  The McMountain Goats were a handful as you can see.

They also got to have hard boiled egg halves which they loved. They'll get to play find the eggs next time they get them.  Using their little noses is great fun!

The boys ended of a perfectly nice day - great weather- with the most fun they are likely to have. We are fortunate that my friend Ruth had a litter of pups who are 7 1/2 weeks old.  Vizsla pups do you say?  Naa uhh! Keeshonden!  Six hairy, fiery, playful, hilarious baby Kees, their mother Izzy and their dutch uncle Moon are the McSmoothies' new playmates. They had a wonderful time with only one instance where Nimble felt a little intimidated which he rapidly overcame and joined into the hour plus long frenzy. 

There are more videos posted to the You Tube link to the right and you can also see them at the Krafty Kees blog that Ruth has.

Ken handles the beginning of play

I have so many of these shots I just had to show it off.  What a cutie!

Puppy play!

Oh!  They come with handles!

Diane gets group attention with the giggle ball.

Blue looks like he is contemplating the best angle of attack

I'm on my best behavior!

Wiped out

The end!