Monday, December 27, 2010

Jack's Last Night

Even though Henry has played with the pups all of the time this is one of the only pics I've been able to take.  They were watching a football game.  Apparently it wasn't that exciting.
Jack had some kind of last day.  Some play.  Some crate time.  Some xpen time.  Some outdoor time.  Some sleep time.  Some lap time.  Some wrestle time.  Inbetween and during all of that he barked, bit, jumped, ate, dug, climbed, screeched, and snored.  What a fun little pup.  So essentially today was the first day of being on the road to being a good big boy.  Lots of lessons learned, lots of fun to be had.  Jack leaves tomorrow.  Even with Pixie here our house will be too quiet.  But Roady will be happy once again that everything is back to normal with no rotten pups around :-)