Monday, November 15, 2010

Another trip outside today.  It's not as pretty out as the other day but we'll take not windy, not rainy and not freezing as an OK day to go out.  They all did better than the last time and actually did some investigating when they weren't crying :-). Pixie is convinced that when they are outside they can play like she and Roady do.  It's kind of intimidating for the little things when those two are bouncing around and wrestling.

They are much more intense about their own play with each other and with Pix.  Ears are fair game.  Maybe that is why they are getting so much longer!

Nimble (green) ready for a nap.

Quick (blue) having sweet dreams.  He is actually running in his dream

Nimble (green) & Jack (orange)

L-R Jack (orange) Nimble (green) Quick (blue)

Nimble (green) Jack (orange).  They hate their new collars - scratch, scratch!

Jack (orange ) heading over to see what quick is up to.

Nimble (green) watching carefully.

Tree climbers Nimble (green) and Jack (orange)