Friday, November 5, 2010


So a lack of sleep means I don't post an update.  But it does mean there might be two posts the next day. So here is number one.
They have started "playing" with stuff that is around them.  Quick (blue) started a few days ago by chewing on Pixie.  Nimble (green) and Jack (orange) came on with a vengeance today and Nimble has turned into a little McPit puppy chewing on Pixie, me, and randomly a toy he has come across in the box.  All of the chewing is the result of them teething.  Not a single tooth has actually erupted but there are new nubs in there.  Ears are opening more and they are definitely little vizslas versus random red dogs.  Primarily though  they sleep and sleep and sleep some more. 

Waiting for their box bedding to be changed.

Did you brush?

Are you done cleaning up yet?  I'm ready for bed!

Making sure Mom isn't going to eat her baby.

Yum yum!

Jack on the move.

What is this?
Nighty night!