Monday, October 25, 2010

The End of Week One

Here's how Pixie likes to start the day - Chasing squirrels!  Too bad I missed catching most of her fun.  She seemed a little shocked when the tree rat started to come down the tree closer to her.

Oh!  These crying kids!  What's a momma to do?
Me (Quick) and my shadow

Nimble (green) 10.6 (birth wt) --> 1lb 8.7oz
Quick (blue) 7.9 --> 1lb 1.8oz
Jack (orange) 9.0 --> 1lb 3.9oz
Quick's rate of gain is increasing (2.4 oz yesterday) but it doesn't look like it can even begin to catch Nimble's (2.9 yesterday).  He's trying though.  Jack was a little slower yesterday at slightly less than a 2 oz gain.
Eyes and ears are starting to loosen up a little.  Now instead of looking like their eyes are tightly shut they look like they are just sleeping.
Smilin' Jack

Sleeping Nimble

Content Quick