Sunday, October 3, 2010

42 days

We're went to Nationals in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (Isn't that a mouthful!).  Pixie passed the 42 day mark while we were there.  She definitely has a McPooch now! What a fun trip.  We got to see Debbie, Alycia, Kevin and the newest member of the McCrew, Declan.  Such an adorable baby!  Maybe he'll let mom and dad get a little sleep once he figures out that he can see better by sunlight than moonlight.  And he's getting started out right by getting his first dog show in within the first month.  Not that it worked for Drew in the slightest!

"40 days
The abdominal swelling is already noticeable in the mother, especially if there is a considerable number of puppies."

Pixie has definitely taken on the appearance of being with pup. It is so cute.  When we got home Henry and Drew were both impressed. These pics are from Friday after I finally realized it was Friday.  She looks a *little* better due to some assistance but she still manages to look a little forlorn with the camera in her face.
One of the best parts about the trip was that we got to spend time with Alex and his mom, Becky.  Alex participated in the Junior Handler seminar with Pixie (which she loved - anything with treats and she is in Game on! mode).  He is a new Junior Handler who is very excited about getting one of the pups so we laughed that he was already training his puppy inutero.