Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another non-confirming confirmation

Pixie has continued to be a slow eater in the morning. No problems at night.  Last night we were on the couch watching TV which of course means that they want up with me.  Pixie is normally a heat seeker.  She likes to be under the blankets and can stay under the electric blanket for quite some time before thinking it is too hot.  Last night not so.  Within 30 minutes she was out and panting.  So maybe she is changing a bit and is making more of her own heat.  BTW, both Mom and Lisa think she looks and feels pregnant respectively.

One a completely non-related note, I was making Magic Meatballs for Rocket on Sunday.  Roady and Pixie love them so I had an audience during the preperation:
Roady - I'm surprised he isn't drooling
Pixie in waiting mode