Friday, January 15, 2010

Houston, Columbus base here. The Pixie-Rat has Landed!

Got the good news that Pixie traveled well and is already enjoying her new digs with Judy's dogs.  The flight from Cincy to Houston with Rhoda went without a hitch.  My thanks and gratitude cannot be expressed enough.  Rhoda is making a habit of keeping my dogs straight at the airports.  Rhoda got some good ideas about securing her crate.  Got water/food dishes (who knew you'd need a dish for a 3 hour direct flight?!?!) and of course lugged that crate around as well as Pix and all of the stuff she normally travels with to TX..

Apparently Pixie got to try out a few new things in addition to the plane...a revolving door, riding on one of the airport carts, TSA security (sounds like a funny breed ring exam).  All no problem for my girl. It is several days too early for a breeding but will keep you updated as I hear.