Friday, December 6, 2013

Last Night As a Whole Litter

Tonight is their last night together so I'm letting them sleep together one last time. Even Pixie wanted to join in on the action and usually she sleeps upstairs. That part is very sad to me.  The good thing for them is that after this weekend they will all start their new lives and be a part of their new family causing chaos and destruction away from my house!  Really though, I will miss them as Rhoda has also. They have had a pretty quiet night.  Iris now Harmony went for a sleepover and came back in the evening.  Hesta, now Seeker, also went for a sleep over and is back.  Luna, now Jinks, had a visit for a few hours in the evening.  Tomorrow they may go back to sleeping separately.

These smarties have started running into their crates when food is around.  They don't stay very  long so I have to be quick to get a bowl in and the door shut but I was very surprised that the behavior was offered. This past week we have been busy with visits, going to the park, and play play playing!  I've posted several videos on my youtube site and have some of the pictures below.

 They went to the vet and saw our favorite Dr. Joanne Buehner,  Friends Lisa and Rick were there too.  Rick had his new Saluki pup, Siri, born two days after the puppies.